Purchasing a rental property at the beach is a great investment that can bring great rewards. With that said, it’s not without expenses. Whether you are new to rental property ownership or have booked vacationers year after year through your trusted property management company, chances are you will need to make updates or repairs at some point if you want your guests to have a pleasant stay, recommend your property to friends and family, and maybe even return for another visit next season. Here are some tips for how to fix up a rental property without spending a fortune, so you can increase your profits, and keep your investment in shipshape.

Give everything a fresh coat of paint.

Paint is an easy and inexpensive update, especially if you’re willing to do the work yourself. With a little prep and the proper tools, your rental property will look practically new for pennies with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It’s amazing the difference a little coastal-inspired color can make. Keep things bright and neutral, with crisp white trim, and don’t be afraid to paint the bathroom and kitchen cabinets as well, if they’re showing their age.

Update the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, your cabinets may not be the only element in need of a makeover. More than any other room, updating the kitchen can bring the best return on investment. Opt for durable solid surface or granite countertops, energy efficient appliances, and easy to clean flooring.

Update the floors.

While hardwood floors are lovely, tile is an excellent choice for a rental home near the beach. It’s easy to clean, hard to damage, and comes in a large variety of styles —including some that mimic real wood. Best of all, with tile, you also wont mind a little sand or saltwater being tracked indoors.

Focus on the things vacationers want.

There are some key items renters look for when booking a vacation property. With that said, you already have one thing going for you — location! Being near the beach is a big draw, especially when your property is on the Grand Strand, with our amazing attractions, entertainment, golf, restaurants and shopping.

In addition to a nice kitchen, what other amenities are vacationers looking for in a vacation rental by the beach? Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Make sure you have inviting sleeping arrangements for your guests, by providing comfortable mattresses and fresh bedding on all beds. Include accommodations for large families by offering as many beds as possible, plus a sleeper sofa. Including a television in the bedroom is an added bonus.
  • You will also want to include plenty of seating in the kitchen for dining, and in the living room for relaxing and watching TV. Just be sure to provide ample space to move around comfortably. This does not necessarily mean square footage, but rather proper furniture scale and placement for your unique space.
  • When redecorating, be sure to replace anything old and soiled, such as area rugs, sofas and chairs. When shopping for upholstered pieces, look for materials that are durable and easy to keep clean. Find accent pieces, such as coffee and end tables that are solid and sturdy, with a strong finish that will hold up to wear and tear.
  • Like bedrooms, bathrooms are also important. Updating the vanity to have double sinks, replacing outdated hardware and rusty towel bars, or installing a spa shower head can make all the difference in making guests feel welcome, along with tasteful décor and fluffy towels. If you are close to the ocean, having an outdoor shower is a nice addition.

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