Visiting the beach is great for many things — searching for seashells, riding the waves, and building sand castles included. While it’s common for younger kids to play in the sand, folks of all ages can enjoy the art of building sandcastles. Here are a few tips to help you build the perfect sandcastle during your next trip to the Grand Strand.

What You Need

Building a sandcastle doesn’t require much. If you have access to sand, water, and a few digging and carving tools, you can build the sandcastle of your dreams. Wet sand is key to keeping sandcastles intact. When the sand sticks together, you can easily shape and carve it as you please!

To Mold Or Not To Mold

While young children are known for building sandcastles with plastic buckets, there are other ways to create structures out of sand. Professional sandcastle artists use handfuls of wet sand to build their intended shapes. Use one-part sand to one-part water. When using a mold, pour water in the big bucket first, then shovel dry sand for easier blending. Mix the sand up and then you’re ready to scoop! When creating a sandcastle by hand, remember to compact wet sand down. You can use your hands, feet, or a tamper.

Keep Water On Hand

Set yourself slightly back from the coastline to prevent the tide from washing your masterpiece away. The best way to keep water within reach is to dig a water whole. Keep digging until you hit water. It doesn’t matter how wide your hole is — instead, go for depth. Once the water starts puddling at the bottom of your hole, you can stop digging. If you choose not to dig down to water, then you’ll need two buckets: one for mixing the sand and water, and one to carry the water in.


While you can dig with your own hands, a shovel can help make the job go a lot quicker. A garden spade is great for digging, if you want something small and easy to travel with. A large, heavy-duty shovel is best when building large castles. An old kitchen or plastic knife works great for smoothing and shaping sand. Almost anything with a thin blade and straight edge will work, such as paint scrapers or a trowel. A pastry knife with a squared-off end can also come in handy. When you’re ready to finish, use a soft-bristled paintbrush and plastic drinking straw to create fine details.

Building A Tower

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy building a sandcastle. Look online for different pictures to help inspire your own unique creation. In the meantime, here are instructions for building a simple tower to get you started.

  1. Position yourself at the edge of your water hole.
  2. Mix sand and water at the bottom of the hole.
  3. Scoop up a big double hand of sand, then pour the sand onto the foundation
  4. Continue to scoop out fresh sand and flatten into pancakes. Make sure each pancake is slightly smaller as you build altitude.
  5. Refrain from “working” the sand too much as you build up. It’s better to do gentle drops of wet sand as your castle gets higher, to avoid weighing your tower down.

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