The Myrtle Beach area offers golf courses ranging from pro-style to those better suited for the casual golfer, varying in price and difficulty. In fact, there are nearly a hundred courses to choose from along the Grand Strand — it’s no wonder we are called the Golf Capital of the U.S. Whether you are looking to escape and play a quick round while on a family vacation or hoping to make a full golf trip out of your stay, there is something for every golfer in the Myrtle Beach area. Ready to play? Here are a few tips to help perfect your golf swing and increase your driving distance.

  1. Relax Your Wrists

It may seem like old advice, but remembering to relax your wrists is an important step. This enables your wrists to turn with the momentum of your club during your swing. Keeping your wrists too tight will restrict your movement, as well as your control and speed.

  1. Don’t Force It

Feel like you’re putting every ounce of strength into every swing? Tone down your strength, but not too much. By using 5-10% less force, you’ll have greater control over your arc and accuracy. Try it and watch your ball travel its longest distances yet!

  1. Turn Your Back

One common mistake golfers make, especially beginners, is forgetting to turn their back/shoulders when driving the ball. Your back should turn a full 90 degrees, allowing your back and club to change directions by facing forward. This simple maneuver will power your body to give its greatest swing with the least amount of effort.

  1. Raise The Tee

If using a low or mid tee, consider switching to a high tee to drive the ball farther. You’ll be less likely to scrape the ground when you swing. While you may not see automatic differences, this minor adjustment is worth a try to increase your distance.

  1. Exercise On And Off The Green

Consider strength training exercises to improve arm strength as well as work your chest, core, shoulders, and back muscles. Improving your muscle definition will give you more power to drive balls farther than ever before. Some good exercises to consider include planks, leg raises and chest crunches.

  1. Choose Proper Sized Clubs

Clubs should be the same length as the distance from the tips of your fingers to the ground when your arms are at your side. Size is important for maintaining a proper swing the whole way through.

The best thing you can do for improving your swing is to practice, practice, practice. When you can’t make it on the green, practice putting at home or go to a driving range to help perfect your swing. When you’re ready to hit the green, Myrtle Beach has you covered, offering unique courses for every golfer of every skill level. Contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach and get started on planning your Myrtle Beach golf vacation today!

The 2017 Hootie and The Blowfish Monday After The Masters Pro-Am

Monday after the Masters (MAM) is a fun and exciting annual event that attracts some of the biggest names in entertainment and golf. MAM started in 1994 as a small gathering to raise money for charity and has since become one of the top celebrity Pro-Ams in the country. Thanks to the commitment of South Carolina natives Hootie and the Blowfish, this incredible golf event has generated millions of dollars for the SC Junior Golf Association.

The tournament weekend is filled with friendly competition, celebrity appearances, comic relief, great food, and musical performances. Plus lots of golf, of course! There are a number of VIP events on the schedule, and spectators are welcome. The event closes with a much-anticipated Hootie & the Blowfish performance at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach.

New this year is the Hootie Ball Drop. A helicopter will be flying in and dropping 1000’s of numbered golf balls onto a target. You will get a number for each ball you buy, and the numbers is closest to the target win! Prizes include VIP and Concert Badges, and a guitar autographed by the band.

Tickets for the golf tournament are on sale now, and the event runs April 8-10, 2017. See for more information.


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