Many of our properties offer free parking.

Most of our visitors are within driving distance, and a lot of our homes and condos offer free parking as part of the booking. So, we thought we’d share some great road trip advice that we’ve come across recently.

Save Gas

Travel and Leisure offers the following gas-saving tips:

  • Drive as closely to 55 MPH as you can. Slower speeds save gas.
  • Use cruise control when traffic and road conditions allow.
  • Cooler, denser air can increase power and mileage. Plan your trip for early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature drops, especially in the summer.
  • Don’t roll down the windows. Air conditioners are more efficient than they used to be, so the energy they use won’t be as much as the drag an open window uses.

Make a List

“A list is a great way to ensure you have packed everything you need, without over-packing,” says Travel Tot. “It will also serve as a great tool when you pack up for the return trip, potentially saving you from inadvertently leaving something behind.” Make sure you bring towels and linens if they aren’t included in your booking!

Stay Connected

Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave. Additionally, check with your service provider about roaming fees and coverage.

Check Your Spare

You know you have a spare tire, but do you know what condition it’s in? Inspect the treads and ensure it’s fully inflated before you leave. You may also want to consider joining AAA or another roadside service, in case you have no idea what to do with that spare.

Bring Cash

It doesn’t hurt to have a few extra dollars in case your EZ Pass malfunctions (check your EZ Pass account before you leave, by the way) or you stop at a roadside diner that only takes cash.


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