While golf has had a reputation for being an elite sport, it is increasingly becoming more accessible for beginners of all ages and backgrounds. But getting started can be intimidating. You may be wondering, “What do I need to begin, and how do I prevent myself from embarrassing myself on the green?”

Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right path, plus some great advice from Jordan Fuller, Founder and Chief Editor at golfinfluence.com.

Consider Taking Lessons

While some people may want to learn as they go, a simple lesson or two can help get you started in the right direction. You could always try to teach yourself with an instructional book, although most people learn better by a visual example. A golf teacher can give you pointers on how to properly hold a club, which club to use in which situation, and where to hit the ball when you swing. You will also have the opportunity to learn about proper shoes and clothing to wear while on the green.

“If you decide to learn golf on your own, it will take you ten times longer to get to the same level as a beginner who is being advised by a coach. Think about it — ten times longer,” says Fuller.

Visit A Driving Range

“Nobody will expect you to play golf like a pro right away. When you first get started, spend all your time on the driving range. This is where truly you will learn everything,” according to Fuller.

If a driving range allows you to sample a variety of clubs for free, take advantage of that opportunity. If nothing else, hitting balls long-range can be great for working out stress!

Practice Your Putting

Putting accounts for over half of your strokes in a round. While it’s good to practice long-range hits at the driving range, practicing your putting is just as important. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get with holding the club, and playing your best when on the green.

“Putting is like dessert — this is what makes the meal worth it. Same with golf. Putting is crucial, as it is that last amount of effort you have to provide before you can consider yourself a winner,” says Fuller.

Get A Good Grip

“The Grip is the foundation to your golf fame. You have to get it precisely right to apply the appropriate amount of pressure and energy on the club,” advises Fuller.

There are three main grips in golf to understand: the interlocking, the Vardon, and the baseball. Your golf teacher can help you decide which is best for you. To practice at home, try gripping a club while watching television.

Prepare For Your Round Beforehand

A round of golf can last for approximately four hours; so bring everything you need with you. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin. Weather looking unpredictable? Consider bringing a waterproof jacket. You may also want to pack things like drinks, snacks, and a pen for marking your scorecard. Don’t forget plenty of golf balls!

“Playing golf is a full experience, says Fuller. “Bring friends you want to spend time with and you will never want to leave the golf course.”

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

It is easy to look around you and see how well golfers play in comparison. Don’t let them intimidate you! As long as you are not playing at too slow of a pace, there is no reason you should feel pressured. If you want, you can let them pass so that you can focus on your game without being watched. Remember that everyone was once a beginner!

“If you are beginning, there is no reason for you to compete — the road to becoming a pro player is well ahead. Focus on your own improvement plan, show resilience, and you will be better than your peers in no time,” encourages Fuller.

There are lots of golf tips for beginners, and at times it can get overwhelming. Start with the basics to get yourself comfortable. The Grand Strand has plenty of great golf courses for beginners. This is not a sport that can be mastered in a day. Keep practicing and know that with each game you will get a little bit better. Golf is a fun sport the whole family can enjoy! Contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle to get started on your golf vacation today.

Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who fell in love with golf at age five. Ever since, he has not looked back. Golf is his passion. He has trained many beginners over the last 25 years and is always looking to connect with any golfer who is willing to share his passion. Visit his website, golfinfluence.com, for more great tips.

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