1. Practice sun smarts! Apply waterproof sunscreen on your kids (and yourself) covering all exposed areas. Do this before you step outside. Use at least SPF 30, and reapply at least every two hours.
  2. Have it made in the shade! Invest in an umbrella for added sun protection. This provides a great place for little ones to nap or take a snack break. Encourage your kids to wear sunglasses, lightweight hats, and rash guards to protect sensitive skin and eyes.
  3. Plan for sand! Bring along beach shoes or waterproof sandals. Sand can get hot and burn little feet, and some children dislike the sensation of sand and shells beneath their feet.
  4. Pack snacks and H2O! While on vacation, it’s normal to spend hours at the beach. It’s important to keep kids hydrated throughout the day, especially when they are being active in the summer heat. Pack a cooler with cold water, juice, and hydrating snacks like watermelon, applesauce pouches, and ice pops.
  5. Don’t forget the toys! Kids will surely be asking for them when you get there. Pack beach balls, pails, shovels, plastic trucks, boats and fish — all perfectly suited for fun in the sand. Be prepared to play catch, help them build a sandcastle or search for shells and sea creatures. If your kids are older, score some “cool points” by bringing boogie boards, a football, or even a stunt kite.
  6. Get a set of wheels! Strollers can get stuck in the sand. And carting coolers, beach chairs, sand toys, towels and the like can be a chore. We advise finding a foldable wagon to carry your precious cargo while on vacation. They have big wheels that are suited for sand travel. Wagons will also come in handy for trips to the park or soccer games when you get home.
  7. Spilled baby powderEmbrace the power of powder! If you have ever been to the beach, you know sand can get everywhere. A sprinkle of baby powder does wonders for removing sand from little feet, arms, legs, hands and even hair! If you don’t like the scent of baby powder, natural cornstarch works equally well.
  8. Pack like a pro! It’s always smart to bring a change of clothes for your kiddos when you head to the beach. Sitting in bathing suits can get uncomfortable for little ones as the day wears on, and you will cart less sand back to the car if you get them out of their wet sandy suits. Pack extra diapers for babies and a lightweight outfit to nap in. For all kids, bring a thin sweatshirt in case a breeze is coming off the ocean, or some extra beach towels.
  9. Take a break! Sometimes you need a break from all the fun in the sun. Bring or rent beach chairs and be sure to take along a blanket for kids to rest on.
  10. Know where to stay! Choose family-friendly accommodations with amenities for the kids. Having a comfortable retreat nearby makes a beach vacation all the more enjoyable.

Check out these kid-friendly accommodations from Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach:

Ocean Creek
Ocean Creek H7 – North Tower is located right across the street from Barefoot Landing, on the ocean in Myrtle Beach. This condo in Ocean Creek Plantation is comfortable, spacious and perfect for vacationing families. There are new flat screen televisions in the living room and all the bedrooms, free Wi-Fi, a fully stocked kitchen, several indoor and outdoor pools, a volleyball court, tennis center, playground, putting green and more. With an oceanfront view, you will want to sit on the balcony and just relax, or visit restaurants, shopping, and attractions nearby.

Beach Cove Resorts
Beach Cove Resort is the perfect family vacation getaway! Located on the ocean in the Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach, minutes from the restaurants and attractions at Barefoot Landing, this tropical oceanfront resort has everything you need. Indoor/outdoor pools, an arcade room, gift shop and coffee bar are just a few of the amenities that you can enjoy. Beach Cove #1623 and Beach Cove Unit 421 have been completely refurbished and are waiting for you. Perfect for smaller families, these one-bedroom oceanfront suites each have a full kitchen, two queen size beds a sleeper sofa. The building has free Wi-Fi, free parking, and laundry facilities available.


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