When was the last time you actually stopped and smelled the ocean, and peacefully focused on the waves as they hit the shore? If you can’t remember an experience like that, you really are missing out — quite literally. After all, it’s hard to experience the wonderful world around you when your face is buried in a smartphone.

It’s time to unplug, take a well-deserved break from those emails and texts, and enjoy life to the fullest. Here are 5 reasons to put the phone down and take a screen-free vacation.

Disconnect To Connect: If you spend more time looking at a screen than you do interacting with the people in your life, your relationships will surely suffer. According to a recent study, cell phone dependency directly leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation, even when you are surrounded by loved ones. Taking a screen-free vacation helps you connect with your family and friends again.

Make New Friends: If Siri is your best friend, and you only talk to people via Facebook, you need to look up from the phone and branch out. Technology serves a purpose, but it can’t take the place of real social interaction. We’ve already established that too much screen time can leave you feeling down. But according to another recent study, people tend to feel happier after talking to a stranger. And who knows, that woman you met in line at the waterpark may actually turn out to be your new best friend. Sorry Siri.

Feel Better: There are real physical consequences to a cell phone obsession. We’re talking blurred vision, shooting pains in the neck, numbness in the arms, tingling in the wrists, sore backs, cramping fingers, pounding headaches, and more. But, in our opinion, it’s nothing a good walk on the beach on a sunny day can’t cure.

Enjoy Your Meal: After shelling out cash on a fresh seafood dinner, why on Earth would you let it get cold while you snap and upload photos to Instagram, while searching for the perfect filter to make that Calabash shrimp basket look as delicious as it smells? What’s the point of ordering a delicious meal if you don’t actually experience it. The picture may look appetizing to your followers, but you certainly won’t enjoy your meal.

Make Lasting Memories: By simply putting the phone down, you will experience so many more moments that lead to lasting memories. We’re not saying you shouldn’t take pictures of your kids building sand castles. Just take one or two, and then get down in the sand and play too! Your kids will remember the fun they had with you during their Myrtle Beach vacation, even without a few hundred photos stored in your phone. And that means more than anything.

The real world is so much better than the virtual world. So go ahead, put the phone down and take a screen-free vacation. Take it all in, be present in the moment, and see what you have been missing. 

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