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After being cooped up inside all winter, families all over the US are ready for some fun in the sun and surf! April is the start of spring, and the time to start making those much-needed summer vacation plans. April is also Autism Awareness month. Traveling with kids can be a chaotic experience, but traveling with kids who have special needs comes with its own unique set of challenges. Unfamiliar locations, new people, and changes in routine can pose physical, emotional, and sensory issues for children and parents alike. Here are some tips to help make your family vacation to the Myrtle Beach area a relaxing, fun, and memorable experience for all.

First, take time to consider your priorities and what you hope to achieve during your stay away from home. Make a rough itinerary of the places you would like to visit besides the beach, and research local restaurants that are kid-friendly and serve meals based on your child’s preferences or dietary needs. Choose a vacation rental that has the comforts of home, and comes equipped with a full kitchen so you can also cook familiar meals. Then prepare your child for what to expect from the upcoming trip. Make up fun stories and look up photos of your destination ahead of time, so they can anticipate and even look forward to going on vacation.

When it comes time to pack for your trip, remember to bring anything that comforts your child at bedtime, such as a favorite pillow, blanket or stuffed toy. Keep necessary items accessible, so your child will feel comfortable and safe in new surroundings. Take along familiar books, music and favorite toys to help calm overwhelmed children, and scooters or bikes (don’t forget the helmets) for children who need to burn energy to refocus. If your child has significant medical needs, bring along any medical, therapeutic, and/or personal information a doctor might need in an emergency, so it’s ready and all in one place. If your child needs special accommodations, consider bringing along the proper documentation in case it is needed. For a flight or long car rides, you’ll also want to have plenty of activities on hand, such as coloring books, movies, or game tablets, plus plenty of juice boxes and snacks. And don’t forget the camera!

If you have a child prone to running off, be sure to include an ID bracelet. Dressing children in matching bright colors is also a smart idea. Take note of the exits, and make sure you and your spouse have a plan for bathroom breaks, know who will watch which child, and what to do in a crisis situation. Most importantly, remember that no vacation is perfect. Keep an open mind, and enjoy this special time with your family.

Savannah’s Playground

Last August, construction began on phase one of Savannah’s Playground at Myrtle Beach Grand Park near The Market Common. This four-acre, one-of-a-kind park will feature a zip line and ropes course, musical instruments, and interactive games for children of all abilities. In addition to handicap-accessible swings and slides, the final park will include an early childhood play area for children up to age 5, and a playground for children ages 5 to 12, both equipped with a rubber surface. There will also be a water-play park, a tree-shaded picnic area, a gymnasium, a fishing pier with paddleboards, and a fitness trail around the lake. Savannah’s Playground has an estimated cost of $3 million dollars — funded through donations and state grants — and will join more than 700 inclusive play areas around the country built to meet new federal accessibility standards. Once completed, it will be a fun and safe place for all children to play.

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