Kite flying is a fun recreational beach activity that anyone can pick up with a little practice. With autumn here, now is the perfect time to give it a try! The beach is fairly empty, the weather is cooler, and the wind is just right! While flying a kite is simple in theory, it helps to have some pointers to guide you before hitting the beach with a kite in hand. Start simple, practice a few tricks, and soon you’ll be a kite-flying pro! Here are a few suggestions to help you get you ready for your autumn visit to the Grand Strand.

Picking Your Kite

A single string kite is easy for beginners. Often, buyers go for the standard triangular kites that you usually see flying at the beach, and elsewhere. This style of mid-sized Delta kite is easy to fly and able to stay airborne in a variety of wind conditions. One important step in picking out your kite is to see where the line is connected to the kite. If you are looking to fly in light wind, choose one that connects toward the tail; strong wind kites connect closer to the nose. Looking to get a bit more advanced? Consider a box or parafoil kite!

Follow The Weather

Check the forecast before determining whether it is a good kite-flying day or not. Delta and diamond kites operate best during 5 to 15 mile-per-hour winds. The box and parafoil kites are better able to handle brisk winds that range from 8 to 25 miles-per-hour. Never fly a kite during a thunderstorm or in rain!

Make It Happen

First, stand with your back to the wind. Hold your kite up by the bridle point and then slowly let the line out. If there is enough wind, the kite should start flying on its own. Ready to make the kite climb? Let it fly away a little bit, then pull in on the line. Keep repeating until your kite is at a steady height.

Grab A Friend

Does the wind seem too light? You may need to grab a friend to help, using a two-person launch technique. The helper takes the kite downwind and releases it, while the kite flier pulls the line, hand over hand, to get the kite in the air. 

Local Kite Shop

One great shop along the Grand Strand is Klig’s Kites. This store has two locations in Myrtle Beach — one is located at Broadway at the Beach and the other is in North Myrtle Beach. Owned by two brothers, Bruce and Richard Kligman, the store carries kites of all shapes and sizes. Kite enthusiasts can find everything from single-line kites to dual and quad-line kites, as well as kites that are made to do tricks like loops, figure eights and dives!

Kite flying can be a great way to bond with family while on vacation, or to simply relax and unwind during a day at the beach. Pick out the kite of your choice, and get ready to watch it sail up against the blue sky and over the waves!

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