Unless you are an avid photographer, you probably rely on your smartphone for taking pictures — and why not? Compact and convenient, you can keep it with you wherever you go, including your Grand Strand vacation, without having to pack and lug around any bulky equipment. Here are some tips to help you take those smartphone pics from so-so to spectacular, so you can shoot gorgeous vacation photos like a pro!

Tip #1: Lighting

Natural light is ideal for snapping spectacular photos, and there’s usually no shortage of sunshine while you’re spending time outdoors at the beach or at a waterpark! But what should you do when you want to snap a pic inside one of the area’s many indoor attractions, like Wonderworks, Ripley’s Aquarium, or Molten Mountain Miniature Golf?

Remember to turn on your flash when taking photos indoors, and boost the light by having a friend or family member shine their phone flashlight on the subject. You can find and download free Flashlight apps for both Android and IOS devices before your trip.

Tip #2: Composition

How you orient your camera can make a big difference in improving your pics. A vertical shot is best when the subject is standing, jumping up or down, or posing by something tall in the background. For picturesque settings or moving objects, horizontal shots can help capture the subject and the surroundings. When a busy background takes away from your main subject, fill the frame with a close-up.

Everyone’s seen those awful vacation photos of people with the tops of their heads cropped off, or missing limbs somewhere off camera. When framing a photo, keep an eye on the edges of your shot, and make sure all body parts are accounted for.

Tip #3: Balance

Understand the “Rule of Thirds.” Break an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts. With this grid in mind, frame your subject in one of the intersecting lines. According to Digital-Photography-School.com, studies have shown that that people’s eyes naturally gravitate to the points of intersection, rather than to the center of the shot, making for a more interesting and balanced image.

Tip #4: Angles

In this day and age of smartphones, we would be amiss not to mention selfies. Always keep your arms fully extended, and slightly higher than your face. Angle the camera down to frame the shot and snap away — no need to carry a selfie stick.

Shooting from a high angle is always flattering, whether you’re taking a selfie or a family photo. For the best pics of children, don’t be afraid to sit in the sand and get down to their level.

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed — and remembered. Preserve those special memories with the help of your smartphone and these four tips, and keep that camera on hand for any fun and unexpected moments that may arise. But first, contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach to start planning your Grand Strand vacation today!

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