Nestled in Historic Little River, South Carolina, you’ll find a beautiful Victorian house built in 1910. It was once the family home of Clarence and Essie Bessent-McCorsely. After Clarence died and their four children had grown and moved away, Essie began renting rooms to visiting fishermen for a dollar per night, plus an extra 50 cents for a hot breakfast. Decades later, this old house with a wrap around porch was lovingly restored and transformed into The Brentwood Restaurant. And while it’s owners and purpose have changed, the charm of this house remains much the same as it did over 100 years ago.


Guests dining at The Brentwood can expect to enjoy fine wine and expertly prepared, award winning French cuisine. The menu includes Escargot, Mussels Poulette, Duck Foie Gras, Salmon Béarnaise, and Chateaubriand for two, with flambéed Creme Brulée, Chocolate Fondant,  and Profiteroles for dessert. Guests can also expect some rather strange happenings. Did we mention The Brentwood is considered one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Restaurants is the US, or that it was featured on A&E’s program, My Ghost Story?


The Grand Strand is no stranger to ghost lore. After all, The Bowery and The Dead Dog Saloon have their own paranormal residents, and everyone knows the tales of the Gray Man, Drunken Jack the pirate, and poor Alice Flagg. But The Brentwood is uniquely spooky. The owners, employees, and visitors have all reported shadowy apparitions, loud noises, voices in the walls, floating orbs, broken glasses, and other extraordinary events. When the paranormal investigation team, P.I.T. Crew, were invited to spend the night, they reported more activity than they had ever experienced, including objects moving without explanation and cameras being instantly drained of power.


With such a spooky reputation, The Brentwood naturally offers a three-course Ghost Dinner and Tour. And if you did not believe in ghosts before, you will! On the 45-minute guided tour with a knowledgeable storyteller, you will learn about the history of The Brentwood and past inhabitants. Watch for shadows passing by the upstairs bedroom into the front room or going through the fireplace, and listen for strange noises. On your way out, turn your eyes to the upstairs windows – you may see a face peering back at you!


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