It’s the start of the summer season, and time for families to hit the beach for some fun in the sun! But did you know the beach could be educational too? Read on to learn about the Summer Programs happening at the Myrtle Beach State Park Nature Center this year, and make plans to visit during your Grand Strand vacation!

A Crabby Experience

This catch and release program helps conserve our resources for the future, as visitors try to catch a variety of crabs, fish and many other critters from the fishing pier. A limited amount of crab traps are provided for a $5 rental per trap, and are available on a first come, first served basis inside the fishing pier retail store. Plan to arrive 10 minutes before the program begins. You can bring your own raw chicken or fish for bait, or buy bait inside the fishing pier.

Giants of the Deep

Come discover some fun facts about local dolphins, whales, and sharks and find out how large these giants of the deep can grow!

Legends of the Forest

Have you heard about our maritime forest and all it holds? Hear its story unfold through forest sounds, a tree-mendous costume, and some live woodland creatures!

Crazy Over Crabs

Crabs have some crazy names, like blue, speckled, spider, ghost and mole! Learn about these crabs with the help of live animals and a silly crab costume.

Destination Turtle DNA

Do sea turtles always lay their eggs on the same beach? How often do they nest? How many eggs do they lay at one time? Learn how researchers are tracking turtles through DNA and discover their fascinating nesting secrets.

Litter Critters

In this fun, hands on demonstration about water pollution, visitors will learn about what happens to Myrtle the fish when humans discover her pond. Prepare to head outside for a very short pollution walk after the indoor portion, so wear shoes.

Creature Feature

You never know what park animals you might see at this “Meet and Greet” — Some may swim in the sea or hide in a tree, but they’re all cool!

Pier Fishing

Come learn the basics of pier fishing! Fishing poles will be supplied, and you must pre-register at the Nature Center. This program is catch and release, and there is a $10 cost per person to participate. Call 843-238-0874 for more information.

Seine-Sational Fun

Meet at the fishing pier and discover all sorts of fish and crabs, as you pull a seine net through the surf zone. Wear clothes that can get wet. An adult must accompany kids under 12 at all times.

Sizing Up Turtles

Discover the differences among the sea turtles that you can spot from the fishing pier. Using skulls, life-size posters, and a silly turtle costume, learn how these turtles live and what you can do to help sea turtles every time you visit the beach.

Catch of the Day

Come to the fishing pier between 9:30 and 10:30AM to find out what lurks around the pier. See and safely touch a variety of creatures as they are caught by local fishermen, and watch their behavior in a kiddy pool. The creatures in the pool will change as new animals are caught and released.

Geocaching 101

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS-enabled devices. Rain or shine, this program will show you how to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates, and then have fun finding some hidden park geocaches. There are two GPS units available to share, for ages 8 and up.

Sea Turtle Patrol

Patrol the beach with a ranger in search of sea turtle activity and crawls, to see if there are any new nests on the beach. Sea turtle activity is not guaranteed; however, you will enjoy a nice stroll on the beach (up to 1/2 mile depending on sea turtle activity found), observe the sunrise, pick up litter and fill in holes to help sea turtles! No pets allowed.

Feeding Time

Watch a snake eat a mouse and see what other hungry animals lurk in our house.

Nature’s Nasties

Ever worry about poison ivy, jellyfish, snakes, or other scary animals? This informative program will uncover some of the myths, and help you identify some dangers and ways to avoid them while still enjoying the outdoors.

Paint by Nature

Using various objects designed by nature, paint your own masterpiece! Objects on hand will include rubber fish, sea whips, sponges, shells, and more. Bring a light-colored T-shirt; pillowcase, or bag to paint, and wear clothes can get splattered. This program has a $5 cash fee per person.

Camping Catastrophe

Common mistakes and messes made while camping cause the park and visitors enormous stress. Help fix these everyday blunders, so everyone can get back to enjoying our outdoor wonders!

Watch Out for Turtles

Spend some quality time with your youngster hearing the thrilling tale of the lifetime journey of a loggerhead sea turtle. Discover how easy it is to help these amazing creatures!

For more information on these programs at Myrtle Beach State Park, including dates and times, and appropriate ages for each, visit the South Carolina State Parks Program and Events webpage. Most programs are free with paid park admission. And for a great place to stay during your summer vacation to the Grand Strand, contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach!

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