It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in the Myrtle Beach area, so why not visit an attraction filled with wonder during your off-season stay? WonderWorks is open 365 days a year, and is a great place to go for indoor fun, especially during the colder months when crowds are minimal. With more than 100 hand-on exhibits, six WonderZones, and incredible physical challenges waiting to be explored, winter is wonderful at WonderWorks!

If you’ve visited Myrtle Beach before, you may have seen the big upside down building at Broadway at the Beach. According to legend, this once top-secret laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle was swept away in an experiment gone awry. Professor Wonder and his team of scientists were working on creating and harnessing the power of a tornado. But the swirling vortex ripped the building from its foundation and carried it to Myrtle Beach, where it landed upside down on top of a crab shack! Lucky for us, all of the experiments inside were unharmed. Of course, guests must be properly aligned and inverted before they can begin their adventure. But never fear, the process is actually rather fun!

Natural Disasters

Your journey begins in the Natural Disasters Zone, where you can experience 84 mile per hour winds in the Hurricane Shack. Become a human lightning rod while the Tesla Coil emits 100,000 volts of electricity. See how long you can hold your hand in ice-cold water. Then check out the Google Earth virtual globe and map, and travel anywhere you want to go in a matter of seconds.

Physical Challenges

WonderWorks is filled with various physical challenges that will put your abilities to the test. Find out what will happen when you lie down on a bed of 3500 nails, take a seat on the pulley chair, or try to generate enough power to complete a 365-degree revolution on the Xtreme 360 bikes. Test your athletic skills by playing soccer, baseball, and football virtually. Create a 3-dimensional image of your body on a wall made of 40,000 plastic pins. Play Mindball, a biofeedback game that lets you move a ball with your mind using EEG technology. Then take the Spacewalk challenge at the glow-in-the-dark indoor ropes course, where you’ll scale a maximum of 36 feet while crossing over 20 different obstacles.

Sights & Sounds

Bust a move to the music and watch your shadow multiply into different colors and patterns. Strike a pose and see your shadow appear right before your eyes. Jump from key to key on the giant piano. Check out the 6D XD Extreme Motion Theatre, a simulate thrill ride featuring a rotating schedule of movies. Try to answer riddles and understand optical illusions in the Far Out gallery located in the stairwells. Then play a game of Laser Tag in the Combat Zone.

Get Creative

While most exhibits are for school-aged kids up to adults, you’ll find gears, a gigantic Lite-Brite, and fun stations for the preschool set in the Imagination Lab. And don’t forget to check out the Bubble Lab! Blowing bubbles through a bubble sheet, or making a bubble big enough to fit inside is fun for all ages!

Fly Higher

See how you’d look in a life-size replica of an EVA suit, and find out why astronauts wear them when working outside their spacecraft. Climb into a replica Mercury Capsule and experience what it feels like to lay inside this one-man space vehicle. Use the rover to examine the surface of Mars, try to land the Space Shuttle Discovery, or soar across the sky in a F18 fighter jet. Then take a turn on the Wonder Coaster, a 360-degree pitch and roll motion virtual ride the lets you design your own roller coaster and take a ride on your creation.

Visit wonderworksonline.com for more information or to purchase tickets. And contact Vacation Rentals of North Myrtle Beach to get started planning your off-season vacation today!

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