Are you on your way to the beach and worried that you might forget something on your way out the door? Ever wondered how to make a great beach trip even better? From beach basics to clever hacks you may never have thought of (but will not want to live without), keep this list handy so you won’t miss a thing!

Smooth Sand Away With Baby Powder: Baby powder isn’t just for babies. Throw some in your beach bag and sprinkle it on when the sand just-isn’t-coming-off. Not only will you be sand-free, but you’ll also smell wonderful from the fresh scent! It will also leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Slather On The Sunscreen: It may seem simple enough to remember to bring sunscreen, but sometimes the simplest things can be overlooked when you are caught up in the excitement of hitting the beach. Lather up at home or at your rental property before traveling to the beach to ensure that you and your family are covered, and throw the bottle in your beach bag immediately before you forget. Most experts recommend nothing less than SPF 30, and it is important to re-apply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming. If you are super sensitive to the sun, also bring along a hat and beach umbrella — you would not want to be caught without them!

Build A Better Beach Blanket: Are you sick of all of your items disappearing along with your beach blanket with a simple gust of wind? Consider sewing pockets onto each corner of your blanket so that you can tuck shoes, books, water bottles, sunscreen and more into the corners. This will keep your items in place, and weighs the blanket down. The same concept also works with beach towels! If your sewing skills aren’t up to par, try using an old fitted sheet. As a bonus, the fitted edge will turn upwards to keep sand out so that your area is clean, tidy and organized, helping you to finally relax worry-free!

Protect Your Phone: Bring your electronics in sealable plastic bags so that they will be protected from the sand and surf. Plus, you can still use the touch screen through the bag on most electronics.

Chill The Aloe: 100% Aloe Vera Gel can offer cooling and soothing relief after a day out in the sun. To make it even better, pop your aloe in the fridge before you hit the beach. The cool temperature will increase the relief even more!

Hide Your Valuables: Instead of the typical keys in the shoes, why not try something different? Consider cutting a wide slit from side to side in an old (clean) sunscreen bottle to make it easy to place and remove items from the bottom with a little squeeze. You could also borrow a (again clean) baby diaper from a friend to wrap up your items. No one wants to touch that! Your items will instantly be safer and no one will suspect a thing.

Beach Babies: If you have little ones in tow, bring a small, inflatable swimming pool and add a little seawater to keep your baby or young toddler busy and cool while the bigger kids play in the sand and surf. Not only will you know where your little one is, but it will also keep them from eating the sand. Especially if you add a few squirt toys and sailboats to the mix! Don’t forget to pinpoint where the nearest restroom is before you get settled in on the beach. When you or your child need to go, you’ll know exactly where it is, and how far away you’ll need to walk! And bring a change of clothes in case those wet bathing suits become bothersome.

Water, Water Everywhere: It is super easy to get dehydrated after spending a full day out in the sun. Bring lots of bottles of water to keep everyone in your party hydrated and refreshed. If you don’t have a cooler, consider storing the water bottles in the freezer before packing them. They’ll stay nice and cool much longer this way. While you’re at it, bring along some satisfying snacks to keep your energy up for a day of fun in the sun!

Gotta Wear Cheap Shades: Leave your high-end sunglasses at home and instead consider hitting the dollar store before the beach to grab a cheap pair of shades you won’t mind losing. It’s easy to get caught up in the joy of the ocean, and worrying about your high-end sunglasses should be far from your mind. Many cheaper sunglasses still offer the same UVA and UVB protection, yet are constructed a bit flimsier. If you happen to lose them, or if they get scratched, they are easy to replace!

Follow these smart tips and make every day a day at the beach!

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